Pour One Out – The End of a Chapter

The dark web had nothing on The Pensblog, in its prime. I cannot remember how I found the site, but at the time I was trying to figure out who Sidney Crosby was. The 2006 All-star game, in Atlanta, re-newed my interest in hockey. I was in Atlanta for school, and at the time, I had no hockey team that I was committed to. When ESPN and Fox stopped showing hockey, it made it harder to watch games in the southern markets. Plus, there was another lockout, so I just lost interest. I randomly got an email from NHL marketing, letting me know about the all star game in ATL. I had the time, and no money, but they said I could see the Stanley cup for free. Done. It was there that I heard the name, Sidney Crosby. I went home, and looked him up, and I learned about the other players. And, at some point, I found The Pensblog. I couldn’t tell you what hooked me, but I kept reading the blog. NBC happened to televise the next Penguins game, so I made sure to watch. I must be very impressionable, because I already felt connected to the team. That was what the blog did. It connected people from all over, to their love of the Penguins.

What really did me in, was the archives. Years of old post for me to main-line, and learn about the team. The more I read, the more I watched, and before I realized it, I was excited for hockey again.

I was in grad school, and I had a whole ritual centered around reading the blog. When I finally completed all the archives, I was well versed in the nicknames, hockey lingo, and Penguin lore. Many hours spent reading Game Days & post games, then farting around in the chat room all day and night. It was nice to talk hockey with people, because I couldn’t do that in my normal life. There were many times where my friends would catch me in tears, by a comment or some PS, but I didn’t explain because they wouldn’t get it. It was a culture; if you knew, you knew. No need to explain Charlie, Carrot, nor mole guy.

The photoshops were hilarious, the writing was good. I learned a lot about the players, in a manner that wasn’t so dry. [Supplemental readings: Empty netters and Puckdaddy, miss you too]. At that time, I had never been to Pittsburgh, but I felt like I was there, ever time I logged on. Ever team should hire a group of questionable souls to make such a blog, because it is marketing gold. Especially beneficial to the out-of-network fan. The games I couldn’t watch, I read about them.

My old avatar

Their puff pieces were interesting; the only one I really remember was a post about a depressed, drunk cat at a bar. And there was one about a chicken on trial, I think. I never joined any blog crashes, but they sounded like fun (P.H had a fun one at Senship a few yrs ago). People keep talking about Jagr agent bit, but I missed that too.

I’m sure we all have favorite tPB shops we’ve kept, so feel free to post them in the comments. It was a cool place that brought all us randos together. There were some disagreements, that led to the creation of Pens.hockey, and I’m very grateful to Southside Geno for pulling me off a sinking ship. tPB wasn’t what it used to be, but our little community is just as weird. P.H is made of the usual degenerate and some orphan puppies who decided to nest here. All are welcome, as long as you pay the membership fee of 1 kidney or your first born. Anyway, pour one out for The Pensblog.

[AndrewBicseyMusic•Pensblog was everything 2008-2009. It was just as big as the Penguins. Derek, Adam, Rick City, Jesse Marshall & everyone that contributed all kick ass. Pens fans are more knowledgeable about the game because of them. Thanks, fellas. Charlie says Do It.]

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p.s. I’m doing this on my phone, so pls forgive any errors, as I can’t use my usual editor stuff. I have a science degree, not english.