Reminder: We Are Looking For Help!

In my haste and in simply being busy, I failed in Saturday’s Gameday to remind our readers that we are looking for help!

First, who is this “we” I speak of? Right now it’s just three of us: myself (The66thDopefish), Ungaba, and SouthSideGeno. It’s just we three writing the Gamedays (mostly me), Recaps (mostly Ungaba), and graphics (100% SSG). Sometimes someone will chip in something else here or there, particularly when there’s a couple of days between games (like right now), but at the bare minimum if we want to maintain any credibility as a Penguins blog we have to do Gamedays and Recaps.

Now let’s be clear: we’re all amateurs here. No one gets paid, there is no platform for us to get paid or donations or whatever. Speaking for myself, this is a creative outlet for me to write about a team I love. Am I getting a huge audience like some of the other Penguins blogs out there? Probably not, but that’s not what matters to me. Not getting paid doesn’t matter to me, either. Thus, my obligation is only to myself and my cohorts, and I take it seriously enough that I try to be consistent in writing the Gamedays and putting in my best effort. If I can’t, I’ll let the others know and they can chip in.

The problem is that we don’t have a deep roster of people who can help out, and that’s tough for all of us. We want to provide another space for people to read and talk about the Penguins, but if we can’t consistently produce content, we’re going to fail.

The beauty of our format is that you do not have to be anything but yourself when you write. As long as you’re a fan of and writing about the Pittsburgh Penguins, and can form complete sentences, that’s all we really need! It doesn’t matter if you’re positive or negative, optimistic or pessimistic, interested in only the past or the future of the franchise, we’ll take whatever perspective is out there because it helps the conversation when there are other viewpoints.

If your forté isn’t writing, we can always use people who can produce other content! Besides graphics, we also had a couple guys doing a podcast for a little while there. We are definitely open to suggestions or feedback!

If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know at