Recap 20: This game was ‘Better than Ice cream’.

Breaking News: Boyle was playing, as Rust was a late scratch after the warm up. According to my sources, he still had the meat-sweats.

Noteable numbers:

  • eRrod reached the 100 point milestone
  • Jake has points in the last 7 games
  • PK is at 90% with NO shorties.

Most of the Islanders were out due to Covidwatch

Apparently, they had their team Thanksgiving party at the CDC offices. Not the brightest move. The Islanders were hoping to break a 7 game loss streak. The Penguins were hoping to continue their streak, which was at 4 games. The day after Thanksgiving, you’ve just returned from the Purge at the store, so finish cauterizing your wounds and grab your left-overs.


Pettersson started the game by almost sneaking one past Sorokin. Zac was the next to test the goalie, but he was tackled before he could get a shot off. In the first 5 min, the Pens were balls deep into the Islander zone.

Unfortunately, Sorokin was up for the challenge. He even declined a call from Crosby’s office, with a glove save. Our team savior, Rodrigues, had to play with Jake and Crosby, due to Rust’s absence. Palmieri had a scary shot at the net, that thankfully went over the glass. That was the Islander’s best chance of the period. The Islanders began to settle into the game and were able to make it out of the period without giving up a goal.

END 1st

Boyle did an interview were he said he only had 10 min to warm up, and he wasn’t even out for the on-ice warm up. Can you imagine? He was likely eating his 2nd dinner, while shopping on Amazon, when someone told him to lace-up.


The second period started much slower than the 1st. Pretty weird to go back to 1st base, when you already have the bra off. Mears was discussing the old Barclay arena, and the camera panned around to all the ugly staches on the bench. November, the time of the year when all the puck bunnies cry.

Crosby had a 2 on 1, and instead of taking the shot, he passed. I know, I was shocked by it too. Yep, he passed, and the play was broken up by the defender. Pettersson, sent a shot on net, that was re-direct wide off of Zac’s skate. The Penguins were stringing plays together, and putting pressure on the Islanders. Jarry frustrated the Islanders so bad that Cizikas decided to ‘Tonya Harding’ his pads. Then things got a little chippy, and someone went after Teddy, but nothing was called.

eRod, burdened with Crosby, was able to make some good plays, and get a shot off, but Sorokin was in good position. Jake took down an Islander, while going for a puck, and was called for the 1st penalty. I noticed that Jake is slowly racking up penalty minutes this year. Not back breaker penalties like Letang or Malkin, but it is becoming more regular. At the end of the PK, eRod rushed the goalie, got the puck, and Crosby almost scored on the backdoor pass. If only their were two eRod’s.

In the remaining minutes of the 2nd, I received a call stating that they had found Kapanen. They saw his photo on a milk carton, and got him an uber to the goal line. Kappie, top shelf, off a pass from Crosby.

Blood was in the water, and the Pens returned to the same offensive frenzy they had in the 1st. The Islanders could only pray for the buzzer.

END 2nd


Another slow start. Mayfield pushed Jake into his own goalie, and gave the Pens a Power play. I do believe that is Jake’s 4th goalie fatality. Jake will be in all the goalies heads by March. Maybe we should make a bingo card. Jake set up Crobsy for a 1-timer, but Sorokin read the play. The Power play was “Kilt”.

Off of a set play, Zooker sent a no-look pass to a waiting Kapp, who dropped a bomb on Sorokin. He couldn’t handle it, and gave up a rebound, but Carter couldn’t reach it. That was a nice set-up: Kap heads to the center of ice, with Zooker and a defender on the wall. Zook, lets the pass go by him to the D, taking an Islander away. The D quickly sends it to a clear Zooker, who pulls in Kap’s man, leaving Kapanen open for a shot. They must have stole that from a Ted talk or something.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah, Dumo takes a high-stick penalty on Clusterfuck. PK kills it, but Martin runs Jarry at the end of it. Maylay ensues, with Clutterchunk sitting on Pettersson, and Crosby+Jake taking Cizikas. The Islanders made there move, with multiple, dangerous shots on net. The one goal lead was looking very tiny, with 7 min still left to go.

Zooker had a breakaway, but Sorokin stood tall. Jarry tippy-toe saved a puck off the doorstep from Koivula. Then Crosby went the other way, with a breakaway, but Sorokin made a blocker save. The Islanders pulled their goalie, and your sphincter was tighter than that stuffing-packed turkey you had yesterday. Chaos everywhere, but the defense and Jarry blocked all the pucks.

Game. Penguins Win.

  • 3rd shutout for Jarry. I’ve missed a few games, but it’s safe to say that there has been a change in him since his shoot-out win.
  • 5-game win streak
  • I believe Jake still has his point streak alive
  • PK is still lethal