State Of The Blog Address 2017



In an effort to maintain total transparency and also just for funsies, lets look back on last year. It’s been a big four months.

For all yinz who sit dahn at your computer, load up Twitter, retweet graphs and charts and unzip your pants, this is a great post for you.



Total views: 203. Most of our posts get more comments than that.

Most popular post: An article about Casey DeSmith’s Arrest

Recap: Pre-Rad era. Going back to the most popular post, above, and hitting “previous” is bizarre. It’s a series of posts which basically equate to a Photoshop dump. Emphasis on “dump”. It can’t besaid enough, the amount of hope/change Rad has brought to this blog is incredible. When we look back six months from now, if we all appear half as incompetent as we did six months ago I’d be more than impressed.



Total Views: 7599.  That’s thirty seven times more than the previous month.

Most popular post: Gameday 7: Flahda, sweet Flahda


  • After a weird comment from PPYM mentioning Craig Ross having to “Tell it to the lobster” or something. Craig “The Ross” Lobster enters the ring. In a move I still don’t understand, the comics have Bob Ross in them.
  • We start to realize this “blog” thing is actually working, and comments begin peaking at around 500.
  • SSG does what I had done with his mom for years, and puts up daily polls.




Total Views: 8,478

Most popular post: Gameday 13: Vote for Pedro
Runner up: The Elephant in the Room: The Goaltending Situation


  • SSG finds his one true calling – gifs.
  • SSG also discovers his signature font.
  • In a situation eerily similar to his mom and I, I took polls away from SSG and he got depressed.
  • In a weird and pathetic attempt at getting new commenters, we started doing the “Maatta Mega Millions. A “jackpot” starting at 30 bucks would increase by 3 dollars every game Maatta didn’t score a goal. Every now and again I would throw an extra 10 in.
  • No one entered it.
  • Rad sells out and takes a part time gig at TPB.
  • Dopefish starts contributing everything from NHL 94 videos to in-depth articles


Total Views: 9,276. It’s not exponential, but it’s growin’!

Most Popular Post: GAMEDAY 26: Whhyyy I Ottawa
Runner Up: The Great Goalie Non-troversy: a Retrospective Analysis


  • We put up ONE SINGLE AD
  • That ad has since made, and I’m not lying, less than 50 cents.
  • We give up on the Olli Matta Mega Millions and never have to pay anyone. Suckers.
  • J-b0t makes a new enemy with MoonSloth by writing a great big post about how Fleury isn’t great.
  • We invade “SensChirp” and similar blogs Disqus sections. They delete “yo momma” jokes and ban users like SSG. Because of this invasion, I feel, is why GAMEDAY 26 is the most viewed post of the month. I fully endorse raiding blogs in the future, as long as we’re fairly polite. But the general consensus in the comments is yinz don’t dig it.


Total Views: 8,620. Uh oh. First month with a dip down.

Most Popular Post: The Numbers Game
Runner Up: Gameday 39: Here We Go


  • Here we go. Here we go. Here we go, Jovi. Here we go. Jovi’s going to write for the blog. Breakin’ records with “The Numbers Game” on her debut.
  • First month since the start of the blog where we have less visitors than the previous month. Doesn’t make much sense since we have more diversity in the comments section. I’m chalking it up to people having time off from work because of New Years, and most of us post while working.
  • SSG, Rad, Chris and myself start up some weekly calls, planning what dumb shit we’ll be trying to do this month. Anyone is welcome to these, they’re on Discord and they’re super fun/stupid. SSG’s mic is horrible.


Who knows what the future holds for us.
Hopefully we don’t wind up being a blog with a full page ad, though:

Thanks for being loyal commenters everyone! Excited to see where this blog goes, love you all